Study in Austria from Bangladesh

Study in Austria from Bangladesh

Study in Austria from Bangladesh

Great opportunity to Study in Austria from Bangladesh. With 9 states, Austria commands one of the richest economies in the world.  As a result, Austria has one of the best education systems. In this unparallelly advanced Education system, one will find the means and motivation to do the things he/she only dreamt of. With more than 140 higher education providing institutes, a wanderer will find more than enough anecdotes to quench the that individuals thirst for knowledge. So be prepared, and take the leap towards the dream. Austria will never stop surprising you.

Higher Education Institutions in Austria:

As of today, Austria boosts its profile by accommodating more than 140 universities and other higher education institutes. That number consists of 52 Government Universities, 20 Private Universities, 36 Applied Sciences Universities and 30 Universities of Teacher Education.


There are two semesters. Winter semester (October 1st to January 30th) and Summer semester (March 1st to September 30th).

But, normally international Students are taken in great numbers in September-October session.

***(No Diploma course is available) 

Program of Study & Duration:

Bachelor Degree (3-4 Years): Computer Science, Engineering Sciences, Biotechnology, B.B.A, Finance, Management and Marketing, Finance and Banking, Computer Science, Economics, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Economics etc.

Master’s Degree (1-2 Years):

Natural Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Statistics etc.

Engineering: Networking and Information Technology, Management and Marketing, Finance and Banking, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Economics, Organization Management, MBA etc.

Business: International Business, Management, Planning and Management of Tourism Systems, Finance and other latest state-of-art programs are available.

Scholarship requirements for Bangladeshi students to study in Austria


Scholarships opportunities are available. Scholarships can be extended to all the way to cover your whole academic and Living Expenses. But, we will ask for stellar academic achievements in SSC, HSC and Bachelor ***(where applicable). Alongside, Good IELTS/TOFEL, SAT, GRE scores will be rewarded. Thesis, published journals can add more weight, and ensure better Scholarships prospects. We also process for Erasmus Mundus”

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Study in Austria entry requirements for Bangladeshi students

Entry Requirements:

For Bachelor: At least, 12 years of study have to be completed. Study gap of 3 years (Maximum) will be acceptable. ***(HSC result must not be below 3.50)

For Masters: Bachelor or equivalent Degree completion. 3 years’ degree pass is also accepted. Partial result doesn’t carry any extra significance to get admitted. Work experience is not required; but may carry extra gravity to secure admission in University.

Language Proficiency: An IELTS score of 6 **(At least) required.

Tuition Fees: All students are payable € 726.72 per semester while studying in the Government ran universities. But, Private and Applied Sciences Universities can charge tuition fees. ***(We process for the Governments Universities only).

Package: BDT 3,80,000/=

1st Payment: BDT 15,000/=  (For application fees, courier charges, notary attestation)

2nd Payment (After VISA): BDT 3,65,0000/=  (Consultancy , VISA processing & Scholarship arrangement charge, Air Fare)

 *** Excluding Embassy Fees***

Austria student visa requirements for Bangladeshi

Required Documents for Admission & VISA:

  1. Completed and signed application form called “Residence permit for students” (“Aufenthaltsbewilligung – Studierender”) and “Completion Assistant” “Aufenthaltsbewilligung – Studierender”.
  2. 2 passport photos in accordance with ICAO-criteria (in Colour, size 3,5 x 4,5 cm).
  3. Valid passport.
  4. Birth certificate.
  5. Admission confirmation or (“Zulassungsbescheid”, “Aufnahmebestätigung”) from an Austrian university, University of Applied Sciences or other education institution
  6. Proof of sufficient financial means to support the applicant’s study. For the students aged below 24 should show 487.53 euros/month for their intended period of study. Students above 24 years of age will have to produce 882.78 euros/month multiplied by the number of months of planned study period. ***(If the accommodation fees exceed 282.06 EUR/month, additional funds must be proven)
  7. Proof of accommodation.
  8. Forwarding letter from Sponsor. ***(When applicable)
  9. IELTS certificate with a minimum score of 6.
  10. Health insurance.

Applicants have to submit all original copies with two sets of valid Photocopies.

   *** (Conditions Apply)

For admission & VISA information: Contact Us