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Study in Canada from Bangladesh

Without any doubt, Canada is one of the most loved destinations for students. Canada has always strived to excel in the educational and industrial sector. Canada ranks high in the educational sectors for its engineering and medical universities. The cost of education and accommodation is also high as compared to other countries. But the education and experience that you receive from Canada are unmatchable. You will learn a lot in your educational and professional life during your stay in Canada. Let us prepare an analysis for you to understand why Canada is the right destination for your educational life:

10th largest economy in the world:

According to the reports of 2018, Canada is the 10th largest economy in the world because of its powerful industries. The rate of corruption is also less in Canada that contributes towards its development. The life, nature, and people all contribute towards creating a beautiful overlook of Canada. The stock exchange in Toronto is the ninth-largest stock market in the world and it has more than 1500 companies. Development is at its peak in Canada. The two main sectors that contribute to the economy of Canada are forestry and petroleum industries. Transportation routes are well developed in Canada. To explain in simple words, life in Canada carries amazing hustle and bustle and is quite beautiful in the eyes of foreigners. People from different countries want to study in Canada and want to live there to see the amazing life of people there. The benefits of having a strong economy don’t just stop here. Countries like Canada spend money to make the lives of people better. There are many benefits to living in a powerful nation.

Access to quality education made possible:

Studying in Canada enables you to have the experience of a world-class education. The mode of education in Canada is research-based which means that Canada as a nation believes in the implementation of knowledge. Theoretical education doesn’t have much value there. When you go to Canada, you will feel the difference between a third world country and a developed country. Many Bangladeshi students go to Canada to a get quality education. The Canadian government also allows students to work part-time. Even part-time jobs are highly paid in Canada. Imagine how much you can earn from a regular job. For this purpose, you will need to complete your education from Canada. After completing education, most of the Bangladeshi students prefer to stay in Canada for work. Working there, they earn a handsome amount of money by which they can easily fulfill their needs.

Exports and affiliation with science and technology:

Canada is one of the biggest exporters of natural resources. Canada is blessed with natural oil resources. Research is at its peak in Canada. Canada has various research institutes and research facilities for its students. The best thing about Canada is that even students get access to research institutes. In this way, students also contribute to develop the economy of the country. Canada has made huge progress in the science and technology sector. It has been estimated that in 2018, Canada received nearly $7 billion from the federal and provincial states to spend on science and technology. A major survey was conducted in 2012 which ranked Canada in fourth place in terms of science and technology. Canada is making huge progress in robotics by developing new models and employing these models in their industry.

Health facilities and lifestyle:

Canada offers the best health facilities to its citizens. Citizens in Canada enjoy a healthy and sound life because the state contributes a lot towards the betterment of its people. Life expectancy is much higher in Canada as compared to other states and the only reason is the high-quality health facilities that are available in Canada for people and not in other states. Canada is moving forward at a rapid pace. The country is growing and is contributing much towards the safe and healthy environment of the nation.

Admission and visa requirements:

You must keep these requirements in the notice. Having an idea of what documents and what steps you have to take will save you from a lot of heck in the future. We are providing you the guidelines by which you can easily apply for admission in Canadian Universities. You can also visit us or contact us to know more about the requirements.

Study Permit:

Study Permit is considered a visa if you are applying for a Canadian University from Bangladesh. You will need 150 CAD to apply for a study permit for Canada. Study Permit is only made for students like you. It has facilitated several students for continuing their studies from Canada. Apply for the study permit right after you get admission confirmation from a university in Canada. You can expect your study permit to arrive in 21 days. You will need to take biometric tests to apply for the study permit. We will help you to get through the whole procedure.

Documents required:

• You must have a valid passport.
• Two recent photographs are needed
• Letter of acceptance from the university where you got admission
• Proof of your financial conditions. You will need to give bank statements to verify that you will be able to fund your studies when you go to Canada.
• Visa application form.
• Police clearance and birth certificate.

How we can help you?

The path to get admission to a university in Canada is complex, involves a lot of paperwork and is confusing for most of the students. Students feel frustrated while applying for their respective country. We are here to take the burden off from your shoulders. We will help you along with this intricate procedure. We will help you to get your study permit and necessary documents so you can continue your studies in Canada. We will make things a lot easier for you and applying for admission will no longer be a problem.