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Study in Canada

Canada is one of the most technologically advanced countries on planet Earth. By comprising ten provinces and three territories which extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Canada truly stands for its motto “A Mari Usque Ad Mare or From Sea to Sea”. Canada with world-class health care services offers freest and most diverse culture where a student can learn more than he/she meant to. Alongside, it boosts its profile by being a Member of G-8, G-20, NATO and other countless organizations.

Higher Education Institutions in Canada:

Canada houses world’s best universities. Universities like McGill, British Colombia and Toronto give Canada a solid education base. State-of-the-art research facilities are available for internationals to venture into the unknowns.


September-October, February-March. Few universities offer rolling application. That means, student can apply all the year round.

Program of Study & Duration:

Bachelor Degree (4 Years): Computer Science, Engineering Sciences, Biotechnology, B.B.A, Finance, Management and Marketing, Finance and Banking, Computer Science, Economics, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Economics etc.

Master’s Degree (1-2 Years):

Natural Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Statistics etc.

Engineering:  Networking and Information Technology, Management and Marketing, Finance and Banking, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Economics, Organization Management, MBA etc.

Business: International Business, Management, Planning and Management of Tourism Systems, Finance and other latest state-of-art programs are available.

Entry Requirements:

For Bachelor: At least, 12 years of study have to be completed. Study gap of 3 years (Maximum) will be acceptable. ***(HSC result must not be below 3.50)

For Masters: Bachelor or equivalent Degree completion. 3 years’ degree pass is also accepted. Partial result doesn’t carry any extra significance to get admitted. Work experience is not required; but may carry extra gravity to secure admission in University.

Language Proficiency: An IELTS score of 6 **(At least) required.


Scholarships opportunities are available. Scholarships can be extended to all the way to cover your whole academic and Living Expenses. But, we will ask for stellar academic achievements in SSC, HSC and Bachelor ***(where applicable). Alongside, Good IELTS/TOFEL, SAT, GRE scores will be rewarded. Thesis, published journals can add more weight, and ensure better Scholarships prospects.

Tuition Fees:

All Fees are subjected to the University and Subject selection made by the student. But most of the Universities charge a Tuition Fee of minimum of 20,000 Canadian Dollar **(10,000 Canadian Dollar per Semester). Community Colleges require a Tuition Fee of 5,000 Canadian Dollar per semester.

Package:         BDT 3,80,000/=

1st Payment: BDT 15,000/=  (For application fees, courier charges, notary attestation)

2nd Payment (After VISA): BDT 3,65,0000/=  (Consultancy , VISA processing & Scholarship arrangement charge, Air Fare)

*** Excluding Embassy Fees***

Required Documents for Admission & VISA:

A valid passport with an expiry date of 6 months into the future from the expected date of VISA issuance.

Bank Statement that ensures your financial sustainability that can extend to your entire study period by covering both Academic and Living Costs. ***(Other Supporting Documents may be asked to further your financial credibility)

Two Passport Sized and Styled Photographs. ****(Photos must be taken in the LAST 6 MONTHS with a “WHITE BACKGROUND”. ***(MUST BE in THESE dimensions 35mm X 45mm)

Offer Letter from the respective Canadian Institute.

Copies of Legalized Documents.

IELTS certificate with a minimum score of 6.

A clean bill of health from an authorized Panel Physician.

A deposit of Tk 7,500 in favor of “Canadian High Commission” needs to be made. **(Only from Standard Charted Bank).

A Police clearance certificate needs to be collected and submitted to qualify.

Candidate must have strong economic and social ties to Bangladesh to be qualified.

Applicants Have to submit all original copies with two sets of valid Photocopies.

   *** (Conditions Apply)