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China being the most populous country in the world; is home to over 2,900 universities and colleges. These universities accommodate over 500,000 international students. It is clear from the stats that many foreign students consider China to be their favorite country to study at. China is one of the oldest hubs of higher education. Apart from having the strongest economy in the world, China is a land of history and culture. From the Great Wall of China to the Himalayan mountain range, China has everything one wishes for. The Chinese government considers science and technology to be fundamental in the socio-economic growth of the country. Being the world’s largest emerging market economy, China is home to thousands of industries where agriculture, manufacturing, and telecommunication services are at the top. China’s effort in technology has revolutionized its educational institutes. Smart classes and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are being used to deliver lectures in a more efficient way. If you want to enjoy modern education along with the spice of ancient sites, China should be the first on your list. China further offers the following benefits:

Highest-ranked universities in Asia

The Chinese universities are the highest-ranked universities in Asia making it an ideal place from Bangladeshi students to study at. QS World University Rankings® 2019 includes 40 institutes from mainland China from which six of them land in the top 100 universities globally. Tsinghua University ranks 17th globally and first in Mainland China. Initiatives like Project 211 have helped China to further modernize and strengthen its education system. China is also spending more than 4% of its GDP on education.

Investment in science and technology

The Chinese economy is the second-best in the world. Science and technology are a major contribution to the Chinese economy and its modernization. According to Brink Asia, China is the second-largest performer in terms of R&D spending. Countless patents are filed by the students and the industry every year. China is also the world’s number one producer of science and technology graduates. If you want to pursue a science and technology degree, there is no place better than China.

Ancient China and culture

One of the oldest and longest-lasting civilizations in the world, the history of Ancient China can be traced back over four thousand years. The Great Wall of China is also a remnant of this ancient history. Chinese culture is full of literature, martial arts, visual arts, and philosophy. You’ll be having a lot of holidays as the Chinese people love to enjoy their festivals to the fullest. You’ll be seeing a lot of colors during these festivals.

Part-time jobs & Job after graduation

Being the world’s fastest economy, there are countless part-time and full-time (after graduation) jobs available for international students. Teaching English is one of the most common and easily available part-time jobs in China. Apart from part-time jobs, universities offer countless internships to their students that will further provide the students with hands-on experience. Further, the per-capita income of China is $10,276 which is extraordinary when its huge population of 1.4 billion people is considered.

Admission and Visa Requirement:

The Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China has specified certain requirements to get enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in China. We’ll be listing all the admission and visa requirements for you to study in China.

For Undergraduate/Bachelors:

o You will be applying through CUAC (China University Application Centre).
o The Chinese government has set the age limit to 25 years for you to get enrolled in an undergraduate program.
o English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL are required by some universities. The minimum score is also specified by the university itself.
o If the degree is taught in Mandarin Chinese, HSK (Chinese proficiency test) scores are required.
 HSK elementary is required for Science, Engineering and Medicine degrees (MBBS)
 HSK intermediate is required for the rest of the degrees.
o HSC/Intermediate certificate showing 12 years of education.
o Health certificate.
o Proof of no criminal record.
o Proof of availability of funds to support education.
o If you’re applying for MBBS, a Bangladeshi student requires HSC GPA > 4.9.

For Postgraduate/Masters:

o Undergraduate degree from a recognized Bangladeshi institute with a decent CGPA.
o Letters of recommendation.
o English proficiency test and HSK criteria is the same as mentioned above.

Visa Requirements:

o Chinese student visa X1 is required as it allows a student to stay in China for more than 6 months.
o Original passport and a photocopy of the first page.
o University admission letter.
o Visa application form that will be available on the website of the Chinese embassy.
o Physical Examination report along with blood test report.
o Police clearance certificate to show no criminal record.
o Bank statement of 3000 US dollars.
o A visa processing fees of 2650 BDT will be charged.
o After your arrival in China, you have 30 days to obtain a residency permit from the local public security office or a police station.

Why Exotic International?

As of now, you should have realized that it’s a long list of documents one must manage when applying abroad. Don’t worry, Exotic International will be your study abroad buddy and will manage all the hassles of admission and visa. You can further benefit from the following services if you choose us as your consultancy partner:


It is indeed a difficult task to choose which degree suits your personality. Further, choosing a university from a pool of 2,900 universities is a hard job. We’ll conduct special aptitude tests to help you choose the right course and university.

Student life in China

It can be hard for a Bangladeshi student to settle in a foreign country on his own. As mentioned earlier, Exotic International will be your study abroad buddy and will help you in every possible hiccup you might experience. From obtaining the residency permit on your arrival in China to teaching you the basics of getting around in the busy streets of Beijing, we’ll help you in every aspect.


Although the educational expenses are low as compared to the UK and US, The China Scholarship Council offers many scholarships for Bangladeshi students. Exotic International will ensure that you manage to obtain a good scholarship to lower your educational expenses.

University entrance exams and Interviews

Some universities might require an additional entrance exam or interview. We have experienced people on board to guide you in every way possible. We’ll help you in answering all the questions of the interviewer confidently.