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Study in Denmark from Bangladesh

Denmark often referred to as “The Land of Danes”, is said to be one of the happiest nations to study abroad. Denmark’s economy ranks 6th in the European region making it one of the most economically and socially developed countries in the world. Being one of the oldest Monarchies, Denmark is unexceptionally rich in history and arts. Further, Denmark’s educational structure focuses a lot on human development and social mobility. Science and technology are one of the top priorities of the country. According to QS World University Rankings 2019, five out of the total of eight universities in Denmark make it to the top 400 universities in the world. Language won’t be an issue as the majority of the Danes knows English and almost 700 degrees are offered in English. If you want to study in a clean and green country full of islands and wonderful weather, Denmark should be your priority. Let us see what makes Denmark an ideal location to study at:

Highest-ranked universities in the whole Scandinavian region

Denmark’s universities are one of the most reputed universities in the world as obvious from the QS World University 2019 where five of the universities have made it up to the top 400 while the University of Copenhagen stands proud at 79th place being the highest-ranked university in the whole of the Scandinavian region. Denmark’s universities have a strong focus on research and practical knowledge making Denmark an ideal location for international students to pursue their educational careers. The University of Copenhagen alone is home to 3500 international students thus you’ll have a lot of foreign friends in Denmark.

Human development and social mobility

Equality is important to the Danish people. Denmark’s government has a strong focus on human development and social mobility. The Human Development Index (HDI) value of Denmark in 2018 was 0.930 placing it at 11th position globally. This has led the Danes to be one of the happiest nations in the world. Further, Denmark strongly believes in equality. You’ll have no issue in practicing your religion and absolutely no bias against color, race and gender. The educational institutes emphasize strongly on human development along with the academics, making the graduates better than the others.

Higher job rate

Denmark has strongly developed itself both economically and socially. The country offers one of the highest per capita income along with strong income equality. Denmark offers an average of $43,000 annual income. For a Bangladeshi student, a good job after graduation won’t be an issue. The educational system will mold you academically and socially. International students don’t find it difficult to pursue their professional careers once they’re out of college. Further, the 37 working hours in a week make it easier to maintain a balance between work and family. You can easily do a part-time job to deal with your educational expenses.

Strong research culture

Denmark considers its students as a natural resource. This has led them to invest heavily in academics and research. The universities are also equipped with high-class research equipment. Resultantly, Denmark has produced countless innovators, inventors and scientists. The Danes have won 12 Noble prizes in the fields of physics, chemistry, literature, medicine and peace. Thus, if you want to become a researcher, Denmark has everything to facilitate you on your journey.

The beautiful landscapes

Do you know Greenland, the largest island on Earth, is a part of Denmark! Denmark is full of jaw-dropping landscapes. Ranging from the Great Belt Bridge to huge chalk cliffs located on Mon, Denmark has it all. Being the 3rd oldest monarchy in Europe, Denmark has all the castles, crown jewels and old medieval churches for you to explore. You won’t need a tourist guide as the people there are happy to cooperate. The beautiful architecture of Denmark will make your educational journey even more exciting.

Admission and visa requirements

Demark is home to world-class universities. All of them have many international students. The international students need to fulfill the following requirements if they want the admission process to be hassle-free:

For Bachelors:

o Danish Ministry of Education requires an international student from Bangladesh to provide Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC/Intermediate) and a One-year completion certificate from any Bangladeshi University.
o Proof of English proficiency is also required for all higher education courses in Denmark. The language tests like IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge ESOL examinations (CAE) are used to evaluate English proficiency. For IELTS, some institutes require a test score of 6.5 (English B) and some require English A, a level higher than English B i.e. IELTS score of 7.
o Some degrees/institutes have an additional requirement of minimum grades in the said subjects. Diploma holders need to have a minimum GPA as required by the university.
o University admission test and interview requirement for some universities.
o For Danish courses, you will need a Danish proficiency certificate i.e. ‘Danish as a Foreign Language’ or ‘Danish Test 2’ International students can take Danish courses for free.

For Masters:

o Internationally recognized undergraduate degree
o Proof of English proficiency (Same criteria as mentioned above)
o If the courses are in Danish, you’ll have to provide a Danish proficiency certificate as mentioned above.

Visa Requirements:

Danish visa can be obtained from the Embassy of Denmark located in Dhaka. The processing time for a Danish visa is approximately 4-6 weeks. Following are the requirements to apply for a Danish visa:
o Admission letter from the Danish university.
o Proof of payment of tuition fee of the first semester or proof of availability of 6090 DKK/per month from an external source or already present in your bank account.
o Original passport with a validity of at least six months after the date of departure.
o You will have to apply for a Danish Resistance permit for which a fee of 2110 DKK will be charged.

Handling all this on your own can give you a headache. It’s better to hire a consultancy firm to deal with all the hassle for admission and visa requirements as a small mistake can lead to the rejection of your application form.

Why Exotic International?

What’s better than hiring a consultancy firm with a team of experienced and professional consultants? Exotic International has a good record of consulting bright minds like you and providing a road map to their dream universities. From choosing the right degree and the right university, we’ll answer each of your queries regarding “How to study in Denmark from Bangladesh?”.
We can further facilitate in you the following regards:

Scholarships in Denmark

Higher education in Denmark is not free but the Government of Denmark provides several scholarships for Non-EU/EE students. Many scholarships like Erasmus Mundus are available for Bangladeshi students. Exotic International has a team of dedicated individuals working 24/7 to find scholarships for bright students of Bangladesh. Money won’t be an issue for you if you hire us.


We all know how hectic it is to choose a major. Our counselors will help you identify your passion and will place you in the concerned university accordingly. Different personality tests will be conducted just for you to identify a suitable degree. If you’re going through the same phase of uncertainty, don’t worry we’ll help you in this regard.

Training for student life in Denmark

Actual university campuses don’t exist in the case of Danish universities. You will probably live in residential halls (collegiums), shared flats, or maybe even your flat. Bangladeshi students will have a hard time adjusting there but before you board your plane, we’ll give out all the tips and tricks to survive in Study in Denmark and make the most out of it.

Assistance with application forms

Application forms can give you a serious headache. We have skilled people who will take all your stress away and ensure that no mistake is made. Exotic International will help you fill the application forms easily along with some tips to increase the chances of scholarship and admission. Hiring a consultancy firm will relieve you from all the hassle.

Visa process and interview

The visa process can often get hectic. Exotic International will help you with all the hassle of applying for the visa and attaching the right documents with the application form. We will also help you with the interviews. General tips will be given to improve your confidence, answer the interviewer’s questions rationally and impress the admission committee. Mock interviews will be conducted in this regard.