Study in Estonia from Bangladesh

The motivation for studying in Estonia:

Estonia is a small yet very tech-savvy country situated in northeastern Europe. It is a very innovative country and hence a perfect place for connecting with the world. Studying in Estonia is a great decision because due to its low population, Estonian universities utilize a personal approach to engage the student in education.

Quality Education:

Estonian universities are very friendly and welcoming and provide brilliant educational and research opportunities. Estonia provides internationally recognized degree programs, diplomas, summer courses and, many scholarship facilities. More emphasis is laid on practical learning than academic learning and good grading. Estonia provides international faculties and hence the quality of education is remarkable. Estonian universities have good rankings and wide international exposure. Estonian degree undoubtedly makes you a qualified applicant in Europe as well as the international job markets.

Employment and Residence facilities:

Estonia provides this superb facility that foreign students can live in Estonia for six months after graduation to look for employment. Graduates even receive offers from Estonian companies during their studies. An annual work fair is also organized for the same purpose for international students so that students and companies can interact with each other. Students with a degree from Estonian universities are preferable for employment. Estonian government also allows you to become a permanent resident after a few years of employment. Permanent residents can enjoy the perks of free education, transport, medical assistance, etc.

Tech-savvy country:

Estonia is an e-society. It provides e-Residency, a technology that enables secure and convenient digital services. It is the best choice for studying engineering. Among many, Cyber security engineering, information technology, animation, etc. are very popular programs in Estonia. Estonian modern technology is proved by the fact that Estonian engineers developed the very famous “Skype” and hence made communication across the globe easier. Estonia was ranked 2nd in the world for ‘Internet’ freedom. It provides a free “wifi” facility and makes research easier. Estonian government spends a large amount of money on innovation and research and provides platforms for foreign students to showcase their potentials. For the same reason, Estonia offers free Ph.D. and thus fulfills your dream of becoming a researcher in the easiest possible way.

Startup prone:

Estonia is very well known for start-ups. Estonian start-ups are now successful companies recognized as Skype, Grab CAD, and others. For the same reason, Estonian universities focus and emphasize high-tech education e.g. digital learning games, cybersecurity, e-governance technologies, etc.

Admission requirements for a Bangladeshi student:

Estonia provides world-class education as well as job opportunities to Bangladeshi students. A Bangladeshi student has to fulfill a certain criterion for being eligible for Estonian university:
 Bangladeshi students must have acquired a minimum of 12-year education for being eligible to apply in Estonia for undergraduate programs.
 A minimum of 16-year education is necessary to apply in Estonia master programs while for Ph.D. programs 18-years of education is required.
 Bangladeshi student needs to pass an internationally recognized language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL. If the applicant has a TOEFL certificate with required points, then education in Estonian universities is possible without IELTS.
 The application form of the desired university needs to be filled and sent along with other required documents for the specific university. Most Estonian universities have an application fee that is to be paid once and is non-refundable.
 Depending upon the program and the university an additional entrance test like an interview, essay writing, etc. might be required.
 The university issues “acceptance documents” for the applicants whose documents are accepted. After this, you have to apply for the visa and temporary residence permit for studying.

Visa requirements for a Bangladeshi student:

The visa and residence permit application process begins once the documents of the applicant are accepted by the concerned university. Estonia does not issue a “study visa” and the applicant must apply for Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) instead. Application for TRP is submitted to the Estonian Embassy or consulate from students` hometown. To get a student visa a Bangladeshi student needs to follow the following procedure:
 The application forms should be submitted at the Estonian embassy or at the German embassy in Dhaka which represents Estonia in Bangladesh.
 Biometrics has to be provided by Bangladeshi students. It includes fingerprints, pictures, etc. that are needed for security purposes.
 Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) is valid for course duration and needs to be renewed. The visa is renewed through the immigration office.
 Bangladeshi student has to pay a fee for residence permit either at visa application center in Bangladesh or through bank transfer or online.
 No health insurance from Bangladeshi students is required for the Estonian visa. No medical tests are required before arriving Estonia.
 The applicant must have enough funds and stable financial conditions to study in Estonia. You must prove that you have sound financial conditions.
 Bangladeshi student does not have to set up a Restricted Bank account i.e. a bank account that allows access once you arrive in Estonia and no withdraws is possible before.

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