Study in Finland from Bangladesh

It is said that “To live in Finland is to win the Lottery.” And the same goes in the case of education. Finland provides high-quality education yet affordable. That is the reason it is one of the financial heavens of Europe. They offer multiple opportunities for the foreigners and every year a large number of international students came here to study and the number of students is expected to increase every year. The high-quality education, low cost of living, economy, and life here in Finland attract a pretty number of students every year.
Here are some reasons that might convince you to continue your educational career in Finland.

High-Quality Education:

One of the reasons that why students prefer to study in Finland is it is the home to some of the best universities in the world. And According to Times Higher Education World University Rankings, eight of the Finnish universities are among the top 500 universities in the world where some of them are also in the top hundreds, for example, University of Helsinki . Offers vast programs in English especially for international students. Almost all of the academic disciplines are offered in English. Those programs are at the most 400 in numbers. Some of the popular programs that are studied by international students in Finland are
1. Communications
2. Environmental sciences
3. Biotechnology
4. Information and communication technology (ICT)
5. Architecture and designing.

Affordable Tuition fee and low cost of living:

Affordability of education and relatively low cost of living is one of the major reasons why students prefer to study in Finland so far. The best thing is that Finland provides quality education yet affordable. They charge no tuition fee to the EU-residents but tuition fee charges for the non-EU-residents are very much reasonable and so is comparatively very low from the European countries. They also offer multiple scholarships and those scholarships are much valuable. One thing to be highlighted is that they offer free Ph.D. to all of the students around the world desiring to study in Finland and get selected in one of the Finnish University.

The Rich Diversity:

If you are a social person and loves to explore new areas, traditions, games, and culture then Finland is the best fit for you. It is also home to some of the best recreational places such as Turku Castle, Lake Saimaa, Vaasa, and Tampere. Or if you love to play outdoor exciting activities then go for water skiing, kitesurfing on frozen lakes, greet the wolves and bears in the national park or enjoy a hike in the forested hills of Lapland. Well, if you are an indoor person the still it’s not a problem Finland has a diverse economy and also has many interesting indoor activities. In short, Finland is a prime location.

Admission and Visa Requirements:

After finalizing to study in Finland the next step is of apply for the admission. Like other countries they have the same eligibility criteria,
• If you are applying for Bachelors then you must be a high school Diploma holder.
• If you are applying for Master’s program then you must have a bachelor’s degree along with three years of working experience.
When you go for high studies in Finland then you should have student’s residence permit. It is required if you are going to study in Finland for more than 90 consecutive days.

Documents Required:

Following is the list of documents required to apply for residence permit,
1. Selection letter offered by the University
2. A valid passport
3. Bank Statement as a proof that you are financially stable.
4. Bank record
5. Application Form
6. Proof of health insurance
7. No criminal record
8. A commitment to leave Finland after the required duration of stay
For all of these things you should need a better guidance so it is a way better so get connected to a consultancy firm.

Exotic International Consultancy firm in Bangladesh:

The selection of the best suitable university, then to pass through the admission criteria, Visa process and so on is not a piece of cake. So here Exotic International provides you the best services. Due to our best services, we are the choice of most of the students in Bangladesh. We commit to your success. Here are the areas where Exotic international Consultants assist you,

Carrier Counseling:

Good counseling is one of the most important things. We, Exotic International provide you the best counseling for the selection of program and the university in Finland that best matches your academic disciplines and Interest. Not only this, but we also provide counseling for the improvement in the previous academic results and the enhancement of skills.

Admission Criteria:

Selection of the university is one thing whereas to apply for it is another thing. We provide you best counseling for the admission process. Helps you for the submission of application. Provide well-detailed information about the required documents. We make the admission process easy for you through our up to the mark guidance. If you got admission to any university then you don’t need to bother about the collection of the offer letter and so on. We also facilitate you over here as we collect your offer/ selection letter and hand it over to you with complete responsibility.


Universities provide scholarships and we consider it our responsibility to update you about complete details of the scholarships as we know that studying abroad is not easy especially with it comes to finance.

Bank loan:

There is a bank in Bangladesh, Genuine Bank Study Loan. It provides a loan for the expenditures of education. So through us, you can easily get a study loan without worrying much about it.

VISA Assistance:

We know that applying for Visa is one of the toughest tasks to perform but you need not to worry because we are here to assist. Our team member provides you with utter guidance to get a Visa and when you get the Visa we will arrange a departure facility only for you.