Study in Hungary from Bangladesh

Why Hungary?

Studying in a European country is the dream of a lot of students. Hungary is a European country and is located in central-eastern Europe. Hungary commits to provide high-quality education. It is home to some of the best-ranked universities in the world. It is a diverse and multi-cultural nation and it has an environment well adapted for international students and provides numerous fun experiences especially for foreign students.
You must have heard about Rubik’s cube. It was invented over there so you can imagine that there is a great possibility of enhancing your problem-solving skills if you study here.
Here are some of the great reasons to study here,

Home to reputed universities of the world:

Universities offer programs for foreigners across all academic disciplines. It is a place well known for Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Business and management. And is also well-regarded for medical and dental school where many of the schools offer tailored programs for foreigners. It’s the desire of a lot of students in the world to study here in one of the universities in Hungary. Some of the reputed universities over here are,
1. University of Szeged
2. University of Debrecen
3. Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)
1. University of Pécs

Hungarian Scholarships:

To facilitate the foreigners it offers Hungarian Scholarship. This scholarship is very great. It provides tuition fees, medical insurance, housing allowance, and a monthly stipend. This scholarship is running very well and is awarded to around 5000 students over 70 partner countries.
You are selected for a program in a Hungarian country you have to submit its application along with all the documents required by mid-January.

Tuition fee and cost of living:

Universities charge handsome amount as tuition fee but Hungary is the country whose tuition fee charges are comparatively less than other European universities’ tuition fees charges. As it is affordable it is the choice of most of the students. Depending upon the university and the program the fee charges vary. Here is the tuition fee structure of various academic disciplines you were expected to pay at Hungarian universities
1. Medical programs around 6000 – 8000 euros per year
2. Engineering programs around 5000 euros per year
3. Others around 2500 – 3000 euros per year
The cost of living is also very affordable. Per month expenses in Budapest would be around 600 euros per month. So in the nearby cities, it is expected to be less than 500 euros per month.

Science and technology:

It has a vital role in science and technology. The research and development department of Hungary has its own importance. It is ranked as 32nd innovative nation by Bloomberg Innovation Index and 33rd by Global Innovation Index. It has achieved a high level of development in transport and services. It has fine roads and defined transport services. It has five international airports only in Budapest, capital of Hungary.

Life at Hungary:

It is a very safe place and a beautiful location for life. Due to its views, nature, and beauty, Budapest has been ranked as the 7th most idyllic place to live. Living in Hungary will let you explore diverse as well as the multi-cultured nation. Dealing will new people and thoughts would be a great experience. Will improve your communication skills and provide you a complete pack of experience, joy and soulful memories.

Admission and Visa Requirements:

To secure admission at one of the universities of Hungary some requirements should be achieved by the desired students. The student should have cleared high school examination i.e. the student must be a high school diploma holder or if the student is desired to have admission in masters then he should have a bachelor’s degree. Five to six years of a gap is acceptable.
Visa, if the student has EU-citizenship as he is a resident of any other European country then the visa is not needed. If the students have to study here for consecutive 90 days or more and have no EU-citizenship then the visa is required.

Required documents:

Here is the shortlist of documents required for the visa,
1. Selection letter of the university
2. Copy of paid tuition fee slip as a proof
3. A valid Passport
4. Passport size pics usually the same which are on passport
5. Proof of Health insurance
6. Proof of residence in Hungary
7. Visa Application

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