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Study in Italy from Bangladesh

Italy, home to one of the oldest universities in the world and a place known for its amazing food, is a popular choice for most students. Italy requires no introduction because everyone knows how influential this country is in terms of educational development. Italy is famous for its top-class industry pioneered education. It ranks in 8th place in the list of most industrialized countries in the world. The place is also amazing because of the accommodating and caring locals. The locals treat people from different regions in a kind and humble manner. They help to provide the comfort of home to foreigners. Foreigners also love Italy because the place has got so much to offer from food to a quality lifestyle.

Popular destinations and beautiful landscapes:

Italy generates huge revenues from tourism. Each year, a huge number of people visit Italy to see the scenic beauty and rich culture. Description of the beauty of Italy without the reference of Venice is impossible. The city of Venice doesn’t have roads because the whole city is situated on water canals. Thus, boats connect the city through different canals. Locals keep the city clean and maintain the serene atmosphere of the city. Rome, the capital of Italy, has one of the oldest buildings in the world. This reminds us of the beautiful culture, history and architecture of Italy. Although, many environmental factors and age have affected the buildings still most of the buildings are still present in its original form. As a student, you will love to observe these massive monuments and their cultural history. Almost everything in Italy touches the culture in some aspects. This shows the love and respect for culture in the eyes of the people of Italy. You will love to explore the architectural beauty of Italy when you will visit the historical places in Italy.

Admission Requirements:

Understanding the admission requirements is important so that you don’t face any problems during the process. Please make sure that you fulfill all these requirements. In case of any confusion, you can visit our office or give us a call. These requirements are given below:
• Make sure that your HSC result is above 4. As in Bangladesh, you must have passed your HSC to continue further studies in Italy.
• You will need to apply for the D-National visa. To successfully get your visa, you will need to have at least 350 Euros. If the amount in your bank account is less than this specified amount then you may face difficulties in getting your visa.
• Apply for a visa right after confirmation of admission. This increases the chances of getting the visa accepted.
• Passport-size photographs
• Admission offer letter from the Italian Institute
• An IELTS score of 6 is a must.

The dream destination for many students:

Italy is famous among students for its top-quality education and infrastructure. Italy’s system of education is pretty modern and carries a practical approach. The reason for the practical sort of education is the prospering industry of Italy. The industry is so strong in Italy that it houses the biggest companies in the world. Major exports of Italy include machinery, engineering material, transport, motor vehicles, textile and chemicals. Italy receives students from all over the world. These include regular and exchange students. Currently, the number of international students in Italy is around 32,000. Many Bangladeshi students are also studying in Italy to have a bright future and to make a good living for themselves. There are also many students in Italy from other countries such as India, Pakistan and Malaysia. The place is so accommodating for international students that students get comfortable in the local environment in no time. Locals try to help students in getting adjusted in their environment. Learning the Italian language can do much help to know more about the local environment. You will be able to see the multi-colored culture of Italy in a better way if you know the Italian language.

Lifestyle and job prospects:

Life in Italy is quite comfortable, enjoyable and organized at the same time. People work hard to earn for themselves and to contribute towards the economy of their nation. At the same time, they also enjoy events and festivals. Balance can be seen in the life of Italian people where work and mental refreshment both are important. People are very kind to each other and the whole community contributes towards the nation. The whole nation respects education and people linked to educational background.
Because of the affiliation with industry, working in Italy can yield a huge amount of money. International students studying in Italy find Italy the best place for work. Employees are respected and paid huge amounts. Employees in Italy also enjoy additional facilities. The best part is that you can easily find a part-time job while studying in Italy. A part-time job will help you to fund your studies and accommodation. It will also help you to know more about the culture and to get an idea of the professional environment of Italy. The working hours are limited to 20 hours for students. This restriction is to ensure that students invest most of their time in studies rather than at work. The role of the national language is important for job prospects.

How Exotic International can help you?

Exotic International is famous due to its high-quality educational consultancy services and support. Each year, many students obtain admission in universities abroad through our platform. Our dedicated team of professionals is always available to handle your requests and queries. Apart from the admission and visa process, we will also help you to successfully achieve scholarships. At Exotic International, we are more than concerned about your educational career because we want you to succeed in your life. Our doors are always open to assist you. Our goal is to make quality education accessible to every Bangladeshi.