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Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh

The motivation for studying in Malaysia:

Malaysia is one of the most vibrant and flamboyant countries in Southeast Asia. It is Asia`s emerging higher education hub and for the same reason, Malaysia is becoming a hot favorite for international students. Due to its top-notch education standards, Malaysia attracts a massive amount of students every year. Malaysia attracts foreign talent due to numerous reasons.

Quality Education:

Malaysia is rapidly becoming a top study destination for students all around the globe. Malaysian government carefully monitors the quality of education. The Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) provides proper guidelines to ensure that Malaysian colleges and universities meet the highest education standards. Malaysian universities are internationally recognized and have top rankings. These institutions provide career-focused, professional courses that are contemporary as well as market-relevant. Malaysian universities offer a variety of academic programs at affordable prices. The degree has the same weight and quality as from any other foreign country but at a significantly lower cost making it a win-win situation for international students. So this education hub aims at bringing world-class higher-education to the heart of the Asian region

Job opportunities for ex-pats:

In Malaysia, international students can work while studying. This helps student to supplement their living during their education. Students with engineering, accounting, information and, communication technology, etc. degree get an edge over the rest when it comes to employability.

No Language barriers:

The English literacy rate is commendable in Malaysia. Though the native language of Malaysia is Malaysian which is a standardized form of Malay language, yet a lot of people in Malaysia speak and understand English very well. So there is no crucial need to master the Malaysian language. In Malaysia, English is the primary medium of instruction of all courses and study programs which is indeed a plus point for foreign students.

Safe and secure:

Malaysia is politically sound and geographically a safe country. The crime rate in Malaysia is relatively low and is politically stable. Malaysia has a modern infrastructure and an efficient transportation system which makes it a safe and comfortable place to study.

Diversity of culture and food:

Malaysia is a multicultural and diverse country. Malaysians are friendly and welcoming hence makes Malaysia more congenial for foreign talent. Students get to experience many different types of food and festivities. It is truly foodie`s heaven with a great variety of cuisines.

Admission requirements for a Bangladeshi student:

Malaysia provides word-class education from internationally recognized universities. The admission requirements in Malaysia vary from university to university and also differ according to the program chosen. For getting accepted in a Malaysian university, a Bangladeshi student has to fulfill the following requirements:
 Bangladeshi students must have acquired a minimum of 12-year education for being eligible to apply in Malaysia for undergraduate programs with a grade of 80% and above
 For postgraduate courses, a Bangladeshi student should have professional experience and research proposals for research-based programs.
 Bangladeshi student needs to pass an internationally recognized language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL.
 Apart from these two language tests, a Bangladeshi student may also apply for any other English language proficiency test recognized and approved by Malaysian universities. In case the student does not possess any of the qualifications for English proficiency, the student accepted by the university will receive a “conditional offer letter” pending the fulfillment of any of these tests.
 For some programs, a Bangladeshi student may have to pass some additional interviews and screening sessions before approval of enrolment.

Visa requirements for a Bangladeshi student:

The student visa process of Malaysia requires detailing. The following steps have to follow by a Bangladeshi student to get a student visa.
 For visa approval letter (VAL), a Bangladeshi student has to submit some documents including Transcript of previous academic records, Offer letter of Malaysian university, passport, photographs, and English proficiency test Certificate.
 A Bangladeshi student has to submit a medical examination clearance letter as well that confirms the perfect health of the applicant.
 A personal bond has to be submitted as well. This is a specific amount of money that the host Malaysian university pays on the behalf of the applicant to the immigration department of Malaysia for security.
 After submission of all these documents, Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) approve the visa application and issues an Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL).
 The immigration department gives a temporary special pass to the applicant valid for almost 30 days until the student gets the student pass of Malaysia. The student pass requires an offer letter by the Malaysian university, passport and Visa Approval Letter (VAL).

Why Exotic International?

Exotic International is indeed one of the best student visa agencies and consulting firms in Bangladesh. Exotic International aims to fulfill the dream of all Bangladeshi students who want to study abroad and aspire to build a career there. Our main goal is to help students who desire to study aboard but are troubled with the documentation process and are confused about selecting the perfect country for studies. Exotic international helps an ex-pat by providing proper counseling, skilled and speedy visa processing, assistance in admissions and a lot more.

Visa assistance:

Exotic International provides proper and extensive visa counseling on application procedures as well as documents requirements. Exotic international grooms the applicant for the visa procedure and ensures that all documentation and transactions are completed timely.

Assistance in the application process:

Exotic international provides complete help and assistance in this regard. Exotic International guarantees completion of all documents and certifications well on time so that no delay has to be faced and that the student gets the visa of his desired university.

Counseling for the applicants:

Exotic international is proud that it provides “free” proper counseling to the Bangladeshi students regarding how they can achieve their goals. Whether the question is about choosing the country or selecting the program, Exotic international provides full assistance to its clients. We help students to dig out their talents and guide them to furnish their skills in the best possible country.

Updates regarding the Application process:

Exotic international has been successful to gain the trust and confidence of its clients. It is our job to help our clients in the best possible ways and lift their burden. We keep updating our client about the status of his application until he gets a visa for his choice of country