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Study in Norway from Bangladesh-2023

Reasons to study in Norway

How to Study in Norway from Bangladesh? Such as, Studying in a country full of nature, diversity and rich history is every student’s dream. Norway is such a country that is home to countless immigrants, has a rich historical background, one of the safest and richest countries of the world. The people of Norway are very tolerant and accepting. One won’t find it hard to settle amongst them. Once you befriend the Norwegians, they will be extremely loyal, sincere and welcoming. People can easily practice their religion without anyone judging them. This allows students to settle easily. The majority of the universities are state-owned and free. We’ll enlist some of the reasons that might convince you to study in Norway:

• No Tuition Fee

The universities of Norway do not charge any tuition fees for international students making it preferable for students. However, you will be paying your living expenses there. Norway allows Non-EU/EEA international students to work 20 hours per week while studying which fill further helps you meet your expenses.

• Home to top-notch universities

Norway is home to many reputed universities that don’t charge a penny for tuition fees. Universities offer a diverse set of majors ranging from arts & history to engineering, medical to business administration, and many other sub-fields that a student can choose from. Students there are very much dedicated to their studies making it easier for newcomers to adopt the research culture. Norway wants to become the next big thing in technology and as an example; Opera Software was developed in Norway.

• Norway-Heaven on earth

Nature has blessed Norway with countless natural resources and unimaginable beauty. The Norwegians are aware of the easy access beauty of nature and sure know how to benefit from it. Being an international student, one has countless places to visit and enjoy during his/her educational career.

• The Norwegians

The people of Norway at first are hard to crack but once they get along, they’ll prove to be the most sincere, cooperative, conformed and tolerant people on the planet. You’ll have no issues in communication as their English is outclassed. They’ll even celebrate your religious festivals and birthdays with you. They’ll make you feel at home.

• International Students are welcomed in Norway

Norway has made its education free for international students which show how much they want others to come and study there. The open-door policy of teachers, professors and administrative staff in Norwegian institutes makes it easier for students to approach and benefit the most. This provides the students with a platform to study and conduct research without worrying about people judging or interfering with them. Norway further promotes startups. This provides students ample experience and the research and start-ups culture is the reason behind a very low unemployment rate in Norway.

• Studying in Norway-A lifetime Experience

Be it the education expenses or the people, Norway will never disappoint you. Having a rich historical background and a gift of eye-catching nature, you’ll always have something to do and learn. The country is also famous for skiing, so if you want to take a break from studies, you can always go skiing. One would call this an experience of a lifetime.

Admission and Visa Requirements

You might be wondering about how to study in Norway from Bangladesh? What are the admission and visa requirements? Don’t worry, we’ve got you all covered up.

For Bachelors:

Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) requires Completion of secondary education at an advanced level equivalent to 13 years of study must be completed i.e. HSC+ One-year completion certificate from any Bangladeshi University. Further, a study gap of 5 years can be accepted.

For Masters:

Should have obtained an undergraduate degree or equivalent of at least 3 years duration. The degree must include courses equal to at least 1.5 years of full-time studies in a subject relevant to that of the course/major applied for. A study gap of a maximum of 4 years will be accepted.

Visa Requirement:

The visa and residence permit takes approximately 2-3 months to complete. It’s better to start immediately after you’ve received the acceptance letter from a Norwegian university. You will start your visa application on UDI Application Portal, you will be asked to provide biometrics for security purposes. Resistance permit is an important requirement to study in Norway. This permit will allow you to live in Norway till the completion of the degree. You will also have to pay a fee of 556 Euro to apply for the Norwegian Residence Permit for Studies. Required documents include a valid passport, SCC & HSC certificates, IELTS Certificate (IELTS Score 6.0/6.5 or TOEFL, Proof of financial stability, CV, SOP and Two recommendation letters for Masters.

It is very difficult for a student to successfully go through the above-mentioned admission process; apply for Norway visa and residence permit. The help of a good consultancy firm is required in this regard. Further, some small mistakes can lead to the rejection of your visa application. To rectify those mistakes, a thorough review of your application process, and a successful interview, one should hire a consultancy firm.

Why choose Exotic International as your consultancy partner?

Exotic International has a team of professionals and experienced individuals who are present just for you. We’ll help you from choosing the right major to successfully apply for Norway visa and answer all the questions regarding “How to study in Norway from Bangladesh?”
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We all go through the phase of uncertainty choosing the right degree. Exotic International will provide you proper counseling and will ensure that you choose what you’re made for. We have a team of extremely professional counselors who will conduct aptitude tests and place you in the right course.

Training for foreign education

It seems to be very difficult for a local Bangladeshi student to settle in a foreign country for education. We have people with ample experience to teach you all the hacks of studying abroad. From language barriers to living with the locals, we’ll guide you all about it.

Assistance with application forms

Before applying to a Norwegian university, one must gather several documents. A document requirement for every university is different and it may get quite difficult for you to manage all of it on your own. Exotic International will help you fill the application forms easily along with some tips to increase the chances of scholarship and admission. Hiring a consultancy firm will relieve you from all the hassle.

Scholarships and Interviews

Scholarship is a must for international students. Exotic International will help you attain a good scholarship in Norway that will further help you with your expenses. We have a group of people who are dedicated to help students with scholarship procedures. After all the hassle of admission documents, the interview part comes in where you have to present yourself in front of the admission committee. We’ll help you gain confidence and tips to tackle the questions of the interviewer by conducting mock interviews.

Visa Process

The visa process can often get very hectic. Dealing with passports, pictures, visa application forms, and many other requirements to enter a country can be very stressful. The requirements to get a student visa for Norway are long for example the application processing fee, proof of residency, proof of admission etc. We at Exotic International will help in this regard relieving you of all this trouble.