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Why study in Russia?

The selection of the best study abroad location is one of the main things to decide. And Russia is the choice of most of the students. It has been the choice of the majority of the students due to high quality higher education, diverse cultural, economy, and affordability of life.
Here are some reasons that might convince you to continue your educational career in Russia.

Academic Studies:

The culture of Russia has a great impact on the studies of it. This study abroad location best suits the students who are interested in dance and music culture. Also, Russia is the best place for students who are interested in art and literature too. Russia itself is also known for its performance and excellence in the field of art, literature, ballet, painting, and classical music. Russia has a great scope for dance and music.
Students interested in History also desire to study here as Russia is the home to some of the famous historical places in the world such as Red Square in Moscow, and the nearby Kremlin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Diverse culture:

Over more than 100 languages are spoken in Russia while the official language of Russia is Russia. They have a great culture for art dance and music as discussed above. Studying in Russia let students know about the diversities of culture as Russia is a culturally rich environment.

Affordable Tuition fee and low cost of living:

Studying abroad is the desire of most of the students but sometimes it remains their desire throughout their lives because of the high tuition fee. But to study in Russia is highly affordable as the tuition fee here is low and affordable as compared to other international universities especially European universities. Depending upon the location and the university in Russia tuition fees can range from 2000 to 8000 dollars a year.

Easy adaptation for international students:

Russia is the home for more than 200 ethnic groups and almost more than 100 languages are spoken there. They also offer a wide range of academic disciplines to be taught in English and to have multiple diplomas. The coexistence of multinational and different ethnic groups is proof of its diverse culture. People of a different religion can live here without any fear. So international students can easily make themselves easy in this environment.

Admission and Visa Process:

To get admission to any university trough out the world they have certain criteria, rules and regulations. Most of the universities share the same regulations such as to gain admission in the bachelor’s program you must have a high school diploma similarly to secure admission in a master’s program you should have a degree of bachelor’s before.
Residence permits the visa required for the students who are interested to study in Russia for more than 90 consecutive days. A person who has a residence permit for Russia can obtain permanent residence too. To apply for the residence permit you should have to visit any near embassy at least once or more.

Documents required:

Following are some of the documents required to apply for a residence permit in Russia,
1. Selection letter of university
2. A valid passport
3. Application form
4. Residence proof
5. Bank statement
6. Health insurance
The documents ought to be legal.

Exotic International Consultancy firm in Bangladesh:

To apply for higher education in Russia, for a visa, for residence and so the list continues, is a very hectic task and detailed information any step by step updates are very necessary for this. So we, Exotic international provides you consultancy regarding each and every information and update. Hence so we are the choice of most of the people as your success is committed. Here are the areas where Exotic international Consultants assist you,

Carrier Counseling:

Our services are not limited to any age group. We shower our services to the people of any age group and of all the educational backgrounds who are interested to peruse their studies from one of the institutions in Russia.
We not only provide counseling for the selection of universities but also provides counseling for the selection of the right career path depending on your interests and academic qualifications. Even if your academic background is not good then we also help you to identify for abilities and to focus and enhance your skills.

Assistance for application form:

Our services are not only limited to counseling. We will also provide you complete assistance for the completion and submission of your application form regarding that specific institute you are desiring to secure admission in. I will provide you a complete and proper list of the documents that are required to apply and the university demands to have with them. Moreover, we will also collect your selection letter if your application is accepted and will hand it over to you with complete reliability and responsibility. It is our major priority to inform the students about all the processes and updates happening around them as well as to their application which can be important for them in any aspect and so keep them away from any hazard.

Student Study Bank loan:

A bank in Bangladesh, Genuine Bank Study Loan provides a loan for education purposes to the students. So through us, you can easily get a study loan without worrying much about it anymore.

Scholarship Assistance:

Investing your money on overseas education and spending a time period of three to five years in Russia is not an easy task. And we understand that overseas education is much expensive so our assistance is also provided to you regarding the scholarship facilities available in the universities in Russia or by the Russian federation itself.

VISA Assistance:

We understand that applying for Visa is one of the toughest tasks to perform but you need not worry about it anymore because we are always there for you. Our crew will provide you complete guidance to get a Visa all the documentation required for it and when you obtain the Visa we will arrange a departure facility only for you.