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Exotic International is a government approved Student VISA Consultancy firm in Bangladesh

Exotic International is a government approved student visa consultancy firm in Bangladesh. It started its journey on 29th November of 2003 (Dhaka City Corporation Trade License No 13600021399). It was founded by Mohammad Shaifur Rahman. It is a Student VISA/Immigration consultation agency in Bangladesh which provides overseas education with or without Scholarship and skilled migration VISA processing consultation. Exotic International is a local VISA (Study Abroad/Immigration) agency in Bangladesh. We provide overseas education counseling for the top-ranking universities. We assist students with their desired overseas admissions /scholarship (specially for Scholarship). Grooming them for VISA application, VISA interview, presentation of other relevant documents in order to get a VISA.

We give post departure facilities to our students by arranging Hostel/Dorm etc. We also provide the List of Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships for International Students.

Exotic International provides skilled migration VISA processing for CANADA, AUSTRALIA. Studying abroad for Bangladeshi students is not a dream anymore. It is also one of the most desirable factors for most of the qualified students as well. We as a business organization, try to give our best service to our students to make their ambition come true.

Do you think of UK as your dream country for studying? Then, you just found the right place. We are specialized in UK Student VISA Consultancy firm in Bangladesh. Alongside, we arrange various seminars, conducted by The Foreign Instructors named “Study in UK from Bangladesh”.

Study in Germany: Germany can also be credited as a wise choice with absolutely free tuition fees, considering its standard of life and education. In Germany, we have already sent 100+ students in recent years. So, we are specialized in Germany Student VISA Consultancy firm in Bangladesh. We can be more than a wise choice to get you to the Bundaberg Gate.

Study in Lithuania: Lithuania is the new rising star in the block. It offers world class education with the lowest Tuition fees. With hassle-free VISA issuance, it opens a door to acquire a world recognized education with a European vibe.

Norway: Start your tuition free tertiary education/overseas education today by Study in Norway. It is a heaven of fully accredited, flexible course in ranking universities with absolute free tuition fee. Most recently we also succeed in Norway for free education. So, we can state that, we are the Student VISA Consultancy firm in Bangladesh for Norwegian education.

Sweden: We are specialized Swedish Student VISA Consultancy firm in Bangladesh. It is a sustainable, innovative and home to the Noble Prize. Study in Sweden makes you a graduate/post graduate/PhD with these flavors along with top class university environment along with Swedish scholarship/Erasmus mundus also.

Russia: world’s powerhouse. Once wounded tiger is roaring again. Study in Russia with Scholarship tenders a blend of unique opportunities by combining world-class Medical and Technical education with the lowest of Tuition fees. Experience the vastness of the mighty Russia, and its cultural richness by being the part of a world-class education system.

Be a proud Asian, study in Malaysia (Specially the Govt. universities of Malaysia). Experience what Asia has to offer. Feel the Asian cultural diversity in the air, while studying in the Asia’s best Universities. Beaches are not that far!!!!!

Exotic International – At a Glance

• We Have Trainers who are trained in Europe, USA & Australia

• We Have Completely Air-Conditioned Classrooms.

• We Have One to One Special Batch.

• We are providing Free Professional English Training Sessions with IELTS Course

• Free Career Counseling

We are the local authorized/certified/official representative of many world class universities/colleges. Thus, we offer wide range of choices for selecting suitable countries, courses of study, fees, locations respective of student’s merit, result, financial ability and their language ability. We are trying to deliver an excellent service together with a sense of friendliness, dynamic, energetic, unique as well as informative.

• We work with the higher standard education institutions and we ensure that our students are satisfied about their establishments, quality of teaching and recognition of degrees.

• We do not receive any cash payment from students for the purpose of their tuition fees. Rather, we ask students to pay such fees by bank draft or by bank transfer.

• Our students are highly satisfied with our professionalism, experience, efficiency and student friendliness. This has created a very good reputation for our organization among the students and make us the country leader student consultant.

• One of our main special qualities is grooming students as embassy required for their VIVA, Papers Presentation and others.

• We feel proud when our students say that Exotic International is the most professional & student-friendly foreign education consultancy in Bangladesh.

It, generally, gets recognized as one of the best Student VISA Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh /agency in Bangladesh, as well as quality IELTS tuition provider. Many of the leading International Universities have designated us as their trusted partner/nominated local agent in Bangladesh. Our integrity and enthusiastic triumphs cover the field of Student VISA and Immigration Visa. It took us to the new horizon of reliability and responsibility with authenticity.

It is accompanied by accountability, makes us one of the best Student VISA agencies in Bangladesh. Thus, we can confidently ensure all the dreamers that studying abroad for Bangladeshi students is not a wild dream anymore.

With right directions and sheer dedication, you will be more than able to get your VISA for your desired destination. We, as a business organization, always try our level best to provide the best service to our students to make their dreams come true.

What are you waiting for??

Come, see for yourself!!!!!

In recent years, Study in Italy has become a welcoming place towards the international students for higher studies by their scholarship, Grants, and Fellowships for International Students. Italian Prominent universities came up with Government Financial Aid and Free Accommodations, which turned those institutions into fine choices for the Internationals.

Study in China: China’s educational level is increasing day by day. The government is spending more resources than ever before to make Chines universities internationally competitive and recognized. As a result, international students are choosing more advanced subjects, ranging from engineering, international business to medical science with the cheapest tuition fees along with accommodation cost. Now a day’s scholarship in China is also attractive globally.

We also consult for admissions in the World Leading universities in USA, Canada and Australia. You will be able to achieve your dreams of studying in top universities with comfort with our reliable advice and services. Then, why won’t you be the part of the American dream??? Why won’t you enjoy the guarantee of Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness???

Our record speaks for us!! We have sent thousands & thousands of Bangladeshi students to USA, UK (United Kingdom), Canada, New Zealand, Russia, China, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Lithuania, Malaysia, Italy & Australia, so far. That makes us one of the most transparent, successful and dependable overseas educational services in Bangladesh. Besides, we also provide Lessons for various English Proficiency Courses; such as-IELTS Preparation Course, Spoken & Writing English, Professional English Development & Phonetics Course. The instructors who are tasked with delivering the lectures, are the best in their respective fields. All of them are highly trained, and had been associated with various reputed organizations in UK, USA & Australia. All courses were introduced, primarily, to instill all the necessary skills into our students to face embassy interviews, and to make a student IELTS wizard. Besides, we also enjoy a distinction in which, we take an enormous amount of pride- from conventional teaching centers and their ways of education deliverance, by employing various improvised-and unique, course- Methods, Techniques and Syllabuses.

Thus, it is recognized as the best Student VISA Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh as well as quality IELTS tuition provider also. Many of the leading International Universities designated us as their trusted local partner/nominated agent/Authorized representative in Bangladesh. Our integrity and enthusiastic triumphs which covers the field of Student VISA and Immigration Visa took us to the new horizon of reliability and responsibility. With authenticity, which is accompanied by accountability makes of the best Student VISA agencies in Bangladesh.

we are always welcome and happy to provide such assistance to anyone who needed help with their Overseas education/admission. Don’t hesitate to Contact us if you need assistance in finding the right school for you. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.