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Study in Sweden from Bangladesh

Why Sweden?

Many students look forward to study abroad where there are greater opportunities and where they can sustain their future.
Are you among those interested students and having a hard time to finalize the best study abroad location?
Why not Sweden? Sweden has a very strong academic history. It is the home to some of the best universities in the world and has been consistently ranked in the top three in the world for English proficiency. It placed well adapted to the needs of international students.
Here are some of the great reasons to study here,

Best Higher Education system:

The entire Higher Education system of Sweden has been ranked in the world’s best systems. It has several universities with the best ranking in the world so having a name among one of these universities in your academic CV raises your CV’s value a lot. Here are a few Best Ranked Swedish Universities with their world ranking;
o Karolinska Institute | 44
o Lund University| 63
o Uppsala University| 74
o Stockholm University| 101 – 150
o University of Gothenburg | 151 – 200

Creativity and Innovation in the environment:

The working environment of Sweden is very motivating, challenging and well-focused. It motivates you to think independently, creatively as well as critically. Provides you opportunities and freedom to share your opinion and thoughts, to explore thing and to engage yourself in self-developing activities. Despite having low population it has remarkable academic history

No language Barrier:

Swedish is the official language of Sweden and is very much similar to English. So as a foreigner it would not be much difficult to learn Swedish and to interact with the people. Moreover, due to its skills in English, this language has been ranked second in the world.

Swedish lifestyle:

The best thing about their lifestyle is that they believe in work-life equality. They work
With overwhelming eager but one the same hand they value their right to live happily. They value rules and regulations, never set free any of the chances to celebrate their traditions and yes, they have a great food culture.

Studying in Sweden is a living experience:

Studying in Sweden will provide you with life-changing experience and exposure. You will get to know about the diverse and motivating environment of the country. It will also help you to communicate with people from different backgrounds. Thus, studying in Sweden will provide you with a full pack of fun, learning, and joy.

Admission and Visa Requirements:

Sweden offers vast programs to study. You can apply for any program according to your interests. It is a good place to invest your money as you can seek growth potential, creativity, independence of thinking and innovation. To study in Sweden there are certain requirements to be fulfilled by the international students and if you are applying from your own then it is more important to seek better consultancy. As a foreigner investing in another country, spending three to five years of your life over there, completing the visa processes and all the policies is not an easy task to perform. So, you should get a proper consultancy.
To be eligible for applying in Sweden for a bachelor’s program you should have completed your upper secondary school successfully and to apply for masters you should have a bachelor’s degree.
Here is brief information about residence permit and the documents required for this,

Residence Permit:

To study in Sweden you will need a residence permit, a visa made for foreign students to study in Sweden. To apply for this you have to pay a fee, the amount of fee varies from situation to situation. You can apply for it online or through the embassy. But for any case, you also have to pay a visit to the embassy for biometrics. During the visa process, you will be called for an interview. This residence permit is valid till the completion of the course and you have to renew your visa every year.

Required Documents:

For the residence permits you will need some documents. If you apply online the documents will be submitted electronically but if you apply on the paper form then you need to bring those documents to the embassy. To bring the document to the embassy you first need to have an appointment from them.

Here is the shortlist of documents required from all of the students,
1. Application form for the residence permit.
2. Copy of those pages of the password showing your data, your password validity and the permission to stay in that country other than your origin country.
3. Admission letter or selection letter of the university where you got admission
4. A bank statement of your account.

Exotic International Consultancy firm in Bangladesh:

If you are looking for a consultancy firm in Bangladesh and have come to know about Exotic internationals then you are on the right path and at the right place. Exotic Internationals is no doubt one of the best consultancy firms in Bangladesh. We are the best student visa agency in Bangladesh and many universities from all over the world have their trust in us as local partners and nominated agencies. Exotic international provides you with complete consultancy for all of your queries. Here are the areas where Exotic International Consultants assist you:

Career Guidance and Counseling services:

We provides proper career guidance and counseling services to the students of all the ages and of all the educational backgrounds who are interested to peruse their studies from one of the institutions in Sweden, UK, Australia, USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Poland , and Cyprus.
We not only provides counseling for the selection of universities but also provides counseling for the selection of the right career path depending on your interests and academic qualifications. Even if your academic background is not good then we also help you to identify for abilities and to focus on your skills.

Scholarship Assistance:

Investing your money on overseas education and spending a period of three to five years in Sweden is not an easy task. Overseas education is much expensive so we also provide you a scholarship facility in various universities in Sweden.

Assistance for application form:

We will provide you complete assistance for the completion and submission of your application form regarding that specific institute. We will provide you a complete and proper list of the documents that are required to apply and they demand to have. Moreover, we will also collect your selection letter if your application is accepted and will provide it to you with complete responsibility. We keep our priority to inform the students about all the processes and updates happening around them as well as to their application which can be important for them in any aspect.

Visa Assistance:

To apply for Sweden visa from Bangladesh Exotic International will provide you complete assistance. We will provide you complete counseling for all the processes, documentation and procedures required to obtain a student visa to Sweden. So to apply for Sweden visa from Bangladesh would not be a difficult task anymore. Moreover, after obtaining the visa we will also provide you departure facility.