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Study in the Netherlands from Bangladesh

The motivation for studying in the Netherlands:

Studying abroad is a fantastic and superb choice. It helps not only in achieving a successful and sound career but also you get a chance to grow personally. The Netherlands is a small country hence exploring it is quite easy. It is a very picturesque country with beautiful locations and mesmerizing cities. Due to inexpensive living costs and high quality of life, Netherlands experiences a boom in foreign student enrollment. Here are some incentives that make the Netherlands more attractive for foreign talent:

An international and multicultural environment:

International students from all over the world come to the Netherlands for studies due to its mesmerizing scenic beauty, moderate climate, and vast culture. Here 95% of locals speak English making it very convenient and comfortable for foreign students. It is also a very welcoming and open-minded country.

Affordable study costs and educational benefits:

Studying in Netherlands is not expensive compared with other English speaking countries. They provide many scholarships for ex-pats which is indeed fantastic. Higher education is not free but is fairly accessible for foreign students. Education fee depends on the institution, degree, student`s residence permit type, previous record of studies etc. However international students can study “university exchange” in which they have to pay fees to their original institution in their hometown.

“Make it in Netherlands” plan:

The plan aims at alluring international students and cooperating with them so that they can establish strong ties with the country. The plan ensures that all students feel welcomed in the country and that they can begin a career here. Secondly, they provide job opportunities during and after students` studies. Also under this plan, they make sure that the students remain in touch with the country even after the completion of studies.

Language barrier lifted:

One of the advantages of studying in the Netherlands is that students don’t have to learn Dutch for studies. They are taught in English which makes it even easier to pursue education here. But for the job, one has to learn Dutch and the government is so cooperative that they are trying to provide “an Online Dutch language course”. Through this digital platform, it will become very easy to learn Dutch.

Orientation Year Residence:

The Dutch government has introduced an “Orientation year residence” permit for international graduates in the Netherlands so that they can stay in the country for an Extra year and can look for a job or start a business.

Internationally recognized degrees:

Scientific research in Dutch universities is highly valued nationally as well as internationally. Moreover, well-reputed and highly ranked universities are found here.

Admission requirements for a Bangladeshi student:

“How to study in the Netherlands from Bangladesh” is one of the very important questions in this regard. Admission requirements are set by the institution as well as it also depends on the program you are applying for. Here are some generic admission requirements that a Bangladeshi student has to fulfill if he aspires to study in the Netherlands:

Minimum Qualification:

Every educational institution has some criteria that need to be fulfilled to get admission. Generally, for the Bachelor’s degree program, 12 years of study is the minimum threshold. For a Master degree program, Bachelor or an equivalent degree completion is required. So a secondary school, higher education diploma or equivalent is the basic qualification criteri

Language requirements:

Proficiency in English is essential. Applicants must be able to read, write and speak English. The applicant must pass the English language test like IELTS and TOEFL which are commonly accepted. The result of these tests is strictly required unless the candidate lives in a native English speaking country or has higher education in English.

Adequate finances:

The applicant must have the finances including tuition as well as housing fees to study in the Netherlands. It mostly depends upon the University and Program selected by the candidate. If the institution of the candidate has an “exchange program” with Dutch institution, then the applicant is eligible to receive financial support from hometown either directly in the form of monthly grants or loans or indirectly through tax benefits for the applicant’s family. These facilities may be confirmed by contacting the international office of the university.

Visa requirements for a Bangladeshi student:

Application for Netherlands visa from Bangladesh for study purposes requires a visa and maybe a work permit. The visa requirement depends upon whether the duration of stay is longer or shorter than 90 days, the purpose of stay. To apply for Netherlands visa from Bangladesh require the following conditions to be met:

Provincial Residence Permit (MVV):

This is a permit needed to enter Netherlands. This MVV is applied for on the student`s behalf by the host institution. MVV allows entry in the country for a period of 6 months and most educational courses last for 1 to 4 years so MVV will not suffice. Hence another arrangement has to be made.

VVR Residence Permit:

It is permitted for educational purposes only and is valid for the duration of the study program the student is enrolled in. It stays valid only if the student scores 50% of credit throughout the course duration.

Insurance requirements:

Students need to have valid health insurance so they can bear their medical expenses in the Netherlands. For a successful grant of a student visa, another requirement is that a proof of sufficient financial means has to be provided confirming that you can support yourself financially during the stay.

Why choose Exotic International?

Exotic International is indeed one of the best student visa agency and consulting firm in Bangladesh. No doubt studying abroad is a big decision where an ex-pat needs counseling regarding where and how to apply, eligibility criteria, financial requirements, visa requirements, etc. So entrusting the task to a reliable student agency can lift the burden greatly. Exotic International can help you in this regard in the following ways:

Assisting in the application process:

Exotic international provides full assistance in this matter. From “How to study in the Netherlands from Bangladesh” to how to complete the application requirements, Exotic International provides full support. It coordinates all document transactions between the student and the university and collects an offer letter once the application is accepted.

Vast options to choose from:

Applying for studies in a foreign country require careful analysis as well as proper decision making. Exotic international provides vast options due to its broad network of universities and institutions in terms of financial necessities like tuition fees, living expenditures, student facilities, climate, and culture.

Proper counseling:

Exotic International is an expert in counseling students about digging out their talents, skills and helps them in choosing the right career path that guarantees a successful and secure future.