Study in USA

Any aspirant who wants to pursue his or her dream education anywhere abroad surely think about going to the USA (United States of America) at least once. This is because international students believe that an American education degree would provide them with best career options in life. Most of the US schools, universities and colleges are constantly ranked in the top most positions in international rankings. The United States of America has more institutions of higher learning than any other countries in the world. More importantly, the quality of most of the educational bodies in the USA is world-class.

Entry Requirements:

Bachelor Degree: You’ll need to show H.S.C or equivalent from your own country/ overseas. Masters Degree: To begin a postgraduate course, you’ll need to hold an undergraduate degree from your own country or equivalent overseas qualification.

Language Proficiency: Students who want to study need to show minimum

6.0 in IELTS /equivalent in Bachelor and Masters need to show up to 6.5 as per subject requirement.

Air Fare: BDT. 90,000 (Approx.)

File Opening Charge: No file opening charge

Service Charge: 50,000 after VISA

SEVIS fee: $200 (Non Refundable)  I-20 letter fee:  $250 (Non Refundable) In fulfillment of United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requirements, ALL international students MUST provide evidence of enough funds available for their studies in the States. The approx cost of tuition, housing, food, health insurance and personal expenses for 1 academic school year are listed below. ALL international students MUST submit an original bank statement/letter showing sufficient funds in U.S. dollars to cover the expenses of studies for one (1) academic year. If the original bank statement/letter is not in the name of the applicant then he/she has to submit an Affidavit of Support in addition to the original bank statement/letter. Upon receipt of all outstanding documents and first year fee deposit, the I-20 form will be issued reflecting your deposit in order to enhance your visa procedure. I-20 will not be issue until receive your financial documents. 

       Estimated Graduate Costs ( 3 semester= 1 year) Estimated Graduate Costs (3 semesters – 1 year)
Tuition US$ 6000-$ 21,000 US$ 13,000- $25,974*
Administration Fee US$ 250 US$ 250
Off Campus Housing (The Registry Apartments) US$ 4,900 US$ 4,900
Meals US$ 3,320 US$ 3,320
Books & Personal Expenses US$ 4,500 US$ 4,500
Mandatory Health Insurance US$ 1,266 US$ 1,266
TOTAL TO BE SHOWN AS US$ 35,236 US$ 40,210

Students bringing a spouse will need an additional US$ 5,000 of funding. Student’s

who wish to bring children will need to provide an additional US$ 3,000 per child.



Scholarships opportunities are available. Scholarships can be extended to all the way to cover your whole academic and Living Expenses. But, we will ask for stellar academic achievements in SSC, HSC and Bachelor ***(where applicable). Alongside, Good IELTS/TOFEL, SAT, GRE scores will be rewarded. Thesis, published journals can add more weight, and ensure better Scholarships prospects.

Program of Study & Duration:

Associate Degree(2 Years): Students can apply in an associate program or directly entry in a bachelor Program with IELTS min 5.5. In an Associate Degree student can study  2 years. After that if the students wants bachelor degree they needs 2 years more.

Bachelor Degree (4 Years): Computer Science, Networking and Information Technology, B.B.A, Management and Marketing, Finance and Banking, Economics, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Hotel Management, L.L.B, etc.

Master’s Degree (2 Years): Networking and Information Technology, Management and Marketing, Finance and Banking, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Economics, Hotel Management, Organization Management, MBA, L.L.M etc.

Note:All budget given above will vary on institution basis.


Required Documents for Admission and VISA:

1). Duly filled online Visa application form

2). All Academic Mark Sheets and Certificates with Official Transcripts

3). Valid I-20 Paper

4). Individual Recommendation letter (Require for I-20)

5). Language Requirement IETLS/GMAT/GRE/TOEFL/SAT/TOEIC. As depend on Universities demand you have to show GMAT/GRE/SAT/TOFEL/TOEIC Certificate

6). Your passport or travel document with at least six months validity remaining from the date of travel

7). Recent, (2”/2”), Color photograph. The photograph should be:

  •  Taken against a light colored (white, off-white etc.) background.

  •  Clear and good quality and not framed or blocked

  •  Printed on normal photographic paper

  •  Full face without sunglasses, hat or other head covering unless for cultural or religious reasons

8). 160 USD Embassy fee (Non Refundable)

9). Bank Statements showing one year of finances (Minimum three months)

10). Sponsor’s Documents:

* Affidavit of Support.

* Relationship evidences.

* Bank Statement of Saving/Current/Business Account.

* Evaluation Report.

* Income tax return.

* Prove of source of income.