Our Services

  1.  Exotic International ’s career guidance and counseling services are offered to students of all age groups and educational backgrounds who aspire to pursue their higher education at universities, colleges, and other institutions of further education in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Sweden, Norway, Ireland,Poland and Cyprus.
  2.   Exotic International will provide full assistance to you by completing & submitting application for admission. We will give you list of necessary supporting documents.  Exotic International will corresponding with the university or college regarding your application and collects your Offer Letter once your application is accepted.
  3.  Exotic International is specialized in counseling students on selecting a proper career path that suits their academic background and qualifications; but whenever a student is unhappy with his past qualifications and career direction, we also take great interest in assisting students re-focus on their talents, skills, and aspirations in finding a career that better-suits them and thereby making a successful change of career.
  4.  Exotic International  understand that overseas education is a highly expensive undertaking and one which requires 3 – 5 precious years of a student’s life. Such an important investment decision must be made only after a careful analysis of all the options and educational pathways at hand. Our broad network of universities and institutions offers you a range of choices, not only in terms of essentials such as, tuition fees and living costs, but also niceties such as, student facilities, cultural tastes, and climate so that you can pick the best possible university within your means to spend one of the most exciting parts of your life!
  5.   Exotic International assist students with the entire application process starting from submitting the application to a selected university, coordinating all document transactions between the student and the university from there on, and following up with the university to ensure all required documentation and certifications are available to them to process the application and issue an offer of admission in a timely manner. At the same time, we make it a priority to keep our students informed and updated at all times on the progress of their applications until the student receives an offer, accepts it, and obtains a visa to study in the country of their choice.
  6.  Exotic International  provide comprehensive visa counseling on application procedures and document requirements in obtaining a student visa to UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Poland and Cyprus.

Why Exotic

Our Overseas Consultancy

  • We are providing Career Counseling depending on your Academic Qualifications, Language Proficiency and Financial ability.
  • You will get the Full Support of Genuine Bank Study Loan which is authorized by Bangladesh Bank.
  • Scholarship Facility in various countries all over the World.
  • Not only this but also you will get Departure Facilities after VISA.
  • We are the Nominated Agent/ Regional partner of many Universities of many Countries. That’s why we are firmly determined to bring a Certified Opportunity for you.
  • We will provide you with Updated Information along with Online Resources, where every one of them can be verified. Safeguarding you from deception is our first and foremost duty. Securing your safety and trust with pride since 2003.

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