Higher Study in Germany for Bangladeshi Students
Reasons why many are choosing to study in Germany
Germany is increasingly becoming popular as a higher education destination for people across the world. Many reasons can be attributed to this, and the low tuition fee is top on the list of the reasons for many people. But other than the low tuition fee, do you know of other reasons why people are increasingly choosing Germany as the best destination for their education? Well, read on to find out more.
Excellent staff members and infrastructure
Research has found that the excellent facilities, as well as diversified staff in Germany’s institutions of higher education, are a great factor contributing to many people choosing to study in Germany. With facilities that were built after the Second World War or others that were recently built, Germany boasts of the best equipped educational infrastructure in the world. Those who are going to these institutions, therefore, have higher chances of excelling in their respective areas of expertise. The international cooperation that Germany gets is one factor that cannot be forgotten when we talk of the facilities. This is because the cooperation has enabled Germany’s higher education institutions to get all the facilities they need to achieve nothing less of academic excellence.
Cheap education
There is a reason why everyone across the world is looking for educational scholarships in Germany, and Germany is giving them in plenty. Note that there is no tuition fee for any public university in Germany. This shows how the government of Germany is fully focused to transform its population into a highly educated population. To also help people from other countries, the government offers periodic education scholarships to those who need and are deserving of them.
Other than this, the fact that public universities in Germany are free, many Germans opt to go to the public universities than go to those that are private. This brings a population shortage in most private colleges and universities in Germany. To fill the gap, some of these institutions of higher learning choose to give scholarships to those who are seeking scholarships in Germany.
Internationally recognized degree
Since the launch of the Bologna reform, a reform that makes it mandatory for all students to get a unified and internationally recognized degree, many are choosing to get their degrees from Germany. And this is not just for the undergraduate students, but more on masters as well as Ph.D. students. Coupled with the low tuition fee and free scholarships in Germany, not so many people can be able to resist the overtures of Germany when it comes to education.
Most programs are taught in English
In most schools around the world, English is taught as a second language. This is essential as it allows those who would later seek higher education from other countries to be able to communicate with ease. And this is important for those who will be joining Germany.
There is no fear of a language barrier for those who want to study in Germany. This is because, irrespective of whether you know or don’t know how to communicate in Germany, you can still communicate using other languages such as English. But this does not mean that you don’t need to learn about Germany, as some programs are purely taught in Germany. Therefore, enrolling in Germany lessons will be critical for your study in Germany.
Job opportunities
Yes, studying in Germany can be cheap, given that you will get many education scholarships in Germany. But one thing that should not escape your mind is the fact that you will have to meet your living costs. This might make it hard for those who want to study in Germany. But guess what, there is a solution for that. It is so easy and straightforward for EU students to get job opportunities without any limitation. For those who are from countries that are not members of the EU, they can get a job by applying for work permits, though their working hours are limited 190 full days or 240 half days annually.
As a developed country, Germany can create job opportunities for thousands of people each year. This makes unemployment a non-issue for those seeking to study in Germany. Also, note that some of the institutions in Germany have agreements with leading companies to provide internship programs for students. This exposes a student to many future job opportunities, which might be rare if you attended a university anywhere else.
Stay for an extended period after study in Germany
You will not automatically be required to leave Germany after studies. The law allows one to stay for eighteen more months from the date of completion of the study. During this period, you will be free to seek employment and earn a decent income. And it is not just 18 months; you can always seek permission to live longer if you want.
What else would discourage you from seeking scholarships in Germany if you can have all the above and much more? You have absolutely every reason to choose Germany for your higher education. And this can be attested by millions of other people who have pursued their higher learning from the great institutions in Germany.