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Exotic International

The true meaning and application of the “Achievement” word varies from man to man. But, for most us that is the very reflection, and a mirror image of, our doings more precisely, our success. For us, that carries the same value and meaning we share and care about. Following paragraphs will share many thoughts of ours with the readers by covering our vision, the works we did from 2003, and we will be able to achieve in the future.

Glorious Past

Since the inception, some of the dreamers started to realize their long cherished dreams by getting the rights to study in their dreamlands. Mohammad Shaifur Rahman made his mission to make others dreams come true; thus, fulfilling his dream to become one of the most established consultancy firms in Bangladesh. From that very start, we are making many dreams possible with its profoundest of values. Our Worldwide Service went to many dreamers, opened countless doors to higher educations, which left its mark by crisscrossing the entirety of the globe. A huge number of men and women, wisdom in their minds, got well served by us. In UK, we contributed highest, which is in number, counts 844. As we know, UK is considered as the “Fairy Land” for the Bangladeshis.  In Ireland, we successfully processed 217+ students. 3rd highest position holder is Germany with 153 students. In recent years, Italy proved itself as strong competitor in the field of Higher Education. As our nature suggests, we also went over there with our quality service, and successfully processed 61 students as of today. Other countries display numbers like, Malaysia-49, Sweden-53, U.S.A-13 and so on.  These, aforementioned, successes serve as a testament of our superior and world-class service providence.

Prideful Present

Glory continues to further itself by following our indomitable pursuit of excellence. After passing many beautiful years with fruitful advances, now we are processing at least 90 student files for various countries covering the globe. Majority of them are at the last step of getting VISA. We are serving them with hope and confidence, which we have earned in the preceding years of our remarkable journey. Our hope is stronger and bolder now than ever. With the Help of Almighty, we will reach to our destination.

Beautiful Tomorrow

By keeping belief on our Glories Past and Prideful Present, we will continue our journey with the long fostered credence. This sacred journey will be consorted with Honesty, Persistence and Enthusiastic Triumph. This willingness will be the key to our success; others success as well. Our best wishes will be the very much part of the international student community of this great nation, which declares it presence from all four corners of the globe. May Almighty provide us with necessary strengths and will to make many lives better.

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