Your privacy is the most important thing to us. The privacy of every individual together with our clients and users is the highest priority to exotic bd. We are dedicated to following the latest technology for your security practices and procedures and your personal sensitive data information.

Here, on our website, we follow various management policies and perform to protect your personal identity information.

This policy certificate is developed to provide you sharp, perfect and easy reachable information about those policies and performs. In specifically it clarifies the way how exotic bd will gather your information, use, store, share, spread, deletes or something else practices (in a group the complete procedure is known as a process). In Bangladesh, the personal identifiable Information is in agreement with its Data Protection & Privacy Principles.

This Privacy policy Instructions give people some control over the personal information they have provided to an agency and the authority to know how it will be used.

What is personal data or information?

Personal data or information is the thing which includes any info or estimation about a specific person whose personality is ostensible or can be freely identified from the data information or opinion. For additional information please state Reasonable Security Practices and Actions.

What information do we collect?

Once you visit our website at Exoticbd then we can record your visit, how many visitors come, login time and we store your information using cookies.

We collect the following data and information intended for statistical purposes such as the IP address from which device you are visiting our site we receive the request. What are the date and the time that our server received from you? Which pages or contents or which part are most popular are most requested. We collect the address of the source which has provided the link followed by Exoticbd website. We also can receive the information of your browser details and sometimes which operating system are you using etc.


Cookies are some small files which are stored on your computer’s hard drive.

They are intended to grasp a certain amount of data exact to a specific client and website and have the full access either by the web server or the client of the computer. This cookie allows the server to bring a page some custom-made to a specific user, or the web page itself may have some script which is responsive of the data information in the cookie and consequently, it is able to transmit information from one visit to the website or to the related site to the next.

Cookies are the appropriate way to transmit information from one session on a website to other sessions, or in the middle of sessions on linked websites, without having a problem to a server machine through huge amounts of information storage. Putting away the data information on the server without using any tools or cookies would also be quite difficult because it would be tough to recover an individual user’s information without demanding a login on each visit to the website.

If you want you can stop or control using cookies from your computer’s browser settings but in that case, you might lose some features and functionalities of this website.

What do we do with the personal information?

The unspecified data collected for the period of each request is gathered for some analysis. It is formally assessed and available for Internal Purpose and in the reports these show Exoticbd usages patterns and identifies popular areas of the website which help us to develop, improve and recover the website and all its services.

For security and protection purposes Exoticbd uses advanced technology software programs to observe network traffic and identify unauthorized or illegal efforts to upload or change information, or otherwise can cause harm.

What won’t we do with the information?

The exotic bd will not unveil or publish any personal information externally without your concern.

There is no action will be taken to identify individual users or their browsing activities unless any there is an unlikely event of an investigation or a law enforcement agency will apply for a warrant to inspect exotic bd logs as per Information technologies action.

The exotic bd will not disclose any of your personally identifiable information apart from a circumstance when it may be compulsory to do so by law or for any government issues, we will not expose any of your personal information to a third party, organization or to any other related site unless you provide any authorization it to do so.

What are the exceptions to this rule?

The will collect more widespread information than specified above in the resulting positions such as illegal tries to access files and other details than those available on the Exoticbd website. Any unauthorized interfering or nosiness with files that circulated at our website Unofficial tries by other websites to guide the contents of the website The actions are to capture messages from other users to Exoticbd website.

The exotic bd keeps all the rights to make disclosures to related establishments where the use of our website increases concern that a misdemeanor is being, or has been, or committed.

For any doubtful incident of an investigation, the exotic bd will afford data access to any law enforcement agency which can implement a warrant to check the logs as per the Information technologies Act.

Who has permission to access the raw data spontaneously captured by our website?

The exotic bd internments the web entrance and detail information data on its own device and the raw data access of the web server is controlled by a limited number of admin staff who have the right to analyses and make reports on the achievement of the website with the aim of meet Exoticbd statement and the right of use.

Is the data information stored in a protected way?

We use advanced technology to protect all your personal details information. The Exoticbd website has safety measures in place to defend against harm, mismanagement, ill use and adjustment of information under our mechanism. Though there is no system available which can be 100% secure, protected and we cannot take all the responsibility. We always try to fulfill the legal needs and keep watching the best practices to ensure the safety and security of the website. 

Do we store your email addresses?

The exotic bd will only record your email address to let you know all the updates regarding your service and the update of the website. If you provide your email address into a web form or send us a message we keep the record to improve our services to you. We do not use your email address for any other purpose that you have provided to us and we will not unveil it without your written consensus, except there is any indication that there is an offense has been committed.

How Do We Manage the Online Registration Forms?

When you apply to get services to the exotic bd and you provide us your personal information which may contain your name, contact details, postal and email address and your date of birth. We gather all these information and recall this information to activate the delivery services, to control the procedure of our services and collection and to deliver data information to support you with future enhancements.

When you register online on our website you will see there is an option to get information about exotic bd services and events.

We can ensure that this information access is restricted to Exoticbd staff except for the higher authority. We don’t share your personal details with any other individual or organization without your approval which is provided.

Do we publish any of your personal information on this website?

We will only publish your personal information on this website if it is collected for the given purpose with your former concern.

While you are providing such approval you must be conscious about that information published on this website because it is accessible to millions of users from all over the world and it will be indexed by search engines and that it can be copied and used by any other source or web users.

So this is must be noted that once the information is published on this website, the Exotic bd will not be able to control over its consequent use and expose.

The exotic bd will not sell or accept any payment for licensing or disclosing your personal identity information.

External links

In this site, sometime may contain links to other sites. The exotic bd is not liable for their privacy practices or the content of those websites.

Do I have the accesses to change my personal information anytime?

You have full rights to access your personal information anytime you want. You can change by logging in to your account.

We can change the privacy policy time to time if we want without any former notice to provide you a better service and to improve our website. If we think to change the way of collecting your personal information or use information, our team will be informed you through an email about the change in this Privacy Policy.

We take necessary steps to make sure that your personal information is correct and up to date. If you wish to change anything from this information please contact the team of Exotic bd.

If you wish to stop any email or any communications or want to remove all your personal data from our database please contact the service identified on the relevant feature page. For any query related to this site or regarding this privacy policy feel free to contact us by sending an email at