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Data security and safeguard

The exotic bd requires gathering and using certain data information about people for the process of our business. This may contain information and private data of users, applicants, students, business contacts, employees and other people who have the relationship with our organization or may essential to contact.

We take all the right to gather, handle, and store such particular information and will do so in line with the Data Protection Act

The exotic bd is not responsible in the occasion where it is incompetent to satisfy any service to which it is contractually bound because of weather, fire, natural disaster, and acts of government, a disaster of dealers or subcontractors, labor disagreements or other reasons which may cause out of its control.

Equal Opportunities

The exotic bd activates an equivalent opportunities policy. It objects to make sure that no applicant will receive less satisfactory treatment on the grounds of age, marital status, disability, race, nationality, ethnic origin, or political or religious belief.

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